Kurzvideo-Wettbewerb: ZUI · Confucius Institute 2021

Short Video Collection

ZUI · Confucius Institute 2021

Time: June 30–August 30, 2021

I Aims

Raise your camera to capture the moments at the Confucius Institute, and share your video with people around the world. The short video collection event “ZUI · Confucius Institute” aims to collect Confucius Institute stories that are authentic, heart-warming, fun, and ingenious, and to find those who can best show the charm of the Confucius Institute and promote language and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

II Organizers

Organizer: Chinese International Education Foundation (CIEF)

Sponsor: China Education Publishing & Media Group Ltd.

Release Platform: The official website and social media platform of the organizer and the Confucius Institute

III Themes

(1) ZUI · Confucius Institute
This section looks for videos introducing the Confucius Institute and showcasing its achievements from various perspectives, such as the environment of the campus, the teaching settings of Chinese classrooms, highlights of Chinese corners, community services, and Chinese teachers and students.

(2) ZUI · Chinese
This section collects videos telling stories of the Chinese language, Chinese teaching and learning, the local development of Chinese education, and the similarities and differences between Chinese and the local language.

(3)ZUI · Culture
This section focuses on introducing Chinese culture, the local culture of the Confucius Institute host country (region), and Chinese and foreign cultural interaction, such as holidays, traditions, foods, natural resources, and architecture, and more.

(4)Extra Topics
1) I Love Writing Chinese Characters:
videos about Confucius Institute students writing Chinese characters.

2) I Can Speak Chinese:
videos about Confucius Institute students using the Chinese language in various scenarios, such as singing, working, negotiating, and chatting.

3) Chinese Learning Tips:
videos showing how teachers and students address teaching and learning difficulties, and eventually improve Chinese proficiency using a useful and interesting approach.

4) Radiant Smiles:
videos of the smiling faces of Confucius Institute teachers and students, with dubbing in Chinese expressing what you most want to say to the Confucius Institute. For example, “孔子学院,我真的爱上了你” (Confucius Institute, I am infatuated with you).

5) Amazing Oriental Power:
videos about a favorite or most-wanted Chinese-made item of Confucius Institute students showing how to use it, explaining why you like it, describing how you’ve learned about it, and explaining why you would like to have one.

IV Prizes

(1)The following prizes will be awarded for each of the three above-mentioned themes:

Grand Prize: 1, certificate plus RMB 10,000 yuan

First Prize: 2, certificate plus RMB 5,000 yuan each

Second Prize: 3, certificate plus RMB 3,000 yuan each

Third Prize: 5, certificate plus RMB 2,000 yuan each

(2) 60 entries will be selected from all videos collected, including those from the Extra Topics, and each awarded an Merit Award certificate.

(3) 30 excellent participating units will be selected, based on the quantity and quality of videos submitted, and each awarded a certificate.

1) Entries submitted solely to the Extra Topics will qualify only as candidates for the Merit Award.
2) Entrants that submit work(s) to both the thematic sections and the Extra Topics can win bonus points and shall qualify as candidates for Merit Awards.
3) All certificates are in electronic format and will be issued, together with the prize money to the Confucius Institute (Classroom) with which the entrant is affiliated.

V How to Participate

1. Eligible Participants

Students and teachers at Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) around the world

2. Collection Time

June 30–August 30, 2021

3. Results Release

October 2021

4. Participation Requirements

1) Participants should submit their entries to the Confucius Institute (Classroom), which may submit as many entries as they want to, together with contact information (name, email address, WeChat account, and phone number).

2) Each entry should be between 30 seconds and 10 minutes in length, yet could be in various forms including short documentary, talk show, interview or Vlog, shooting with professional equipment, or a mobile phone.

3) There is no language requirement for the entries, but either the dubbing or subtitles should include Chinese.

4) The entry must be original, and free from infringement on any third-party intellectual property rights. Nor should it have been entered for any other competition, or published in newspapers, magazines, websites, social media platforms, or any other media.

5) The content of the entry should be objective, factual and positive, and must not involve violence, pornography, racial discrimination, or any other material that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.

6) The entry should be submitted in MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MPG, and MPEG format, with a resolution of 1280*720 or above.

5. How to Submit

Channel 1 (recommended):
online disk

ZUI · Confucius Institute:

ZUI · Chinese:

ZUI · Culture:

Extra Topics:

Please upload the entry, along with an introduction, to the corresponding section through the online disk link and indicate “Confucius Institute (Classroom)–Thematic Section–Entry Title–Author” in the file name. You may upload the files as a compressed document or individually. Make Sure to maintain consistency between the entry and the introduction.

Channel 2:
Send as a supersized attachment

Send as a supersized attachment to zui@cief.org.cn

Indicate “Confucius Institute (Confucius Classroom) –Thematic Section” in the subject line, name the attachment and the entry “Thematic Section–Entry Title– Author,” and indicate in the body of the email which section you are entering, the author of the entry, and an introduction.

6. Others

1) Teachers and students from all Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) can participate in the event voluntarily. Make sure to follow the recommended precautions against COVID-19 while filming and editing your entries.

2) Participation in the event is deemed to grant the organizer the copyright of the entry. The authorship would be respected and preserved in publishing with no further payment.

3) If suspected of plagiarism, copyright misappropriation, or other illegal behavior, the entrant will be disqualified, and the prize retrieved, with all legal responsibilities personally borne by the entrant.

4) During the event, the entrant shall not send the entry to any third party or give permission to use it. No individual or organization shall use the entry submitted for any commercial purposes without the authorization of the organizer.

5) Chinese International Education Foundation (CIEF) reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

Contact: Ms. Lei, Mr. Lin
Tel: 86-010-63240632, 63240681
Email: zui@cief.org.cn